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Gorgeous staged kitchen with plenty of lighting and light colors to stimulate the mind of the buyers.

Why List with us?

The more activity out of the gate means a greater chance of getting solid offers early and avoiding price reductions and low-ball offers.​

Staged homes receive many more offers, additionally, buyers typically offer 5-25% more for a Staged property. Why leave money on the table when you can maximize profit?

Space of a property before staging. With the staging you will notice the before and after of the spaces of your property.

Buyers can lack vision

You wouldn't be alone in thinking that a New Construction or Remodel will simply "sell itself", but you've also likely heard that "Buyer's lack vision", and can find it difficult to visualize themselves living in empty spaces.​  

A property may have beautiful finishes but Buyer's report that vacant properties can show as 'cold and unfeeling'. Staging provides believability and offers maximum appeal to a buyer.

Wonderful furniture in the living room. Staging not only saves you time and money, it also pays for itself. Giving you the maximum performance for your investment.

300% Return on Staging Investment

You've invested the time, money and sweat equity.  Now you want to sell for the maximum return.  Pennies to the dollar, invested wisely, add up in a big way.  On average, Staging returns three times the investment. Staging not only saves you time and money, it also pays for itself.

If you currently have an investment sitting on the market, we can strategically re-market the property to enhance its online presence and to attract more Buyers.

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